Is GitHub safe for high school students?

Question for fellow teachers.

My school district isn’t very familiar with GitHub and is wary of allowing students to access it because of running afoul of CIPA ('s_Internet_Protection_Act) regulations. Specifically, they have took a review at what github offers and were concerned with the following:

a) Children being able access general code/material from the internet which may include things such as
a. Code to download porn
b. Security bypass tools
c. Articles on how to commit suicide

b) Students work being globally visible.

Now, github classroom seems to address (b) by giving us private repositories, so that’s a solvable problem.

However, I’m curious if other teachers have ran into similar issues with their school districts and/or if you have any context on the above and/or how to address these types of issues. I cannot be the first teacher to have ran into this particular issue, so I would think (?) there would be some prior work/investigation done as to whether GitHub classroom is appropriate for public high school use.

Thanks in advance!

Not a teacher, but a student. I’m replying to this because my school recently denied to whitelist my school email. Here are my arguments for part (a):

a) Github’s Community Guidelines says “Don’t post content that is pornographic.” This (in my understanding) says that code to download porn is against their guidelines.

b) Ok, this one is kind of dumb- if the school secures its computers with their own software and built in settings, it would be very hard for students to bypass security (yes, it CAN be done). An example of this is my school, which disabled things like installing custom extensions and Linux apps on Chromebooks.

c) Articles on how to commit suicide are available everywhere on the internet, not just GitHub.

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