Is GitHub Not Providing Educational Support for FIRST Robotics?

Good evening all!

I’m a mentor for a FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team. We are a relatively new team; our rookie year was 2019. One of the alumni mentors of another team suggested using GitHub as our code repository for the robot code, as GitHub supported FRC by providing free team organizations and private repositories. We have used it successfully for the past few years and have been very happy with it. We simply provided proof that I was a mentor of a FRC team, and away we went. I believe it was an educational account.

However, a week or so ago, I received a request from GitHub to re-verify our educational status for our organizational account. I submitted the same information again (showing that I am a mentor for a FRC team). Unfortunately, this documentation is now not adequate to qualify for an educational account at GitHub, per an email I received from GitHub education. GitHub has marked us with a “TEAM” pricing plan. We have 10 members using GitHub, so our cost would be $4/user/month * 10 users = $40/month, or $480/year. We cannot simply afford that cost as a team. So our alternative is to downgrade to the “FREE” plan, where we will have diminished services/capacity.

I am not a student or a teacher; I do not have an educational ID card to provide to GitHub. I am an engineer volunteering my time to teach high school students about STEM through robotics.

Is there something I am missing? Is there some other plan that would support a FRC team, and allow us to keep our current services/capacity?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


The FIRST initiative sticks out straight on the GitHub Education homepage.
I therefore assume you’d very much deserve to continue to use the service as it is :wink:

Perhaps one of the @moderators can provide a detailed answer.

Hi @Lewis-R-M

I was previously an FRC mentor, and was the ‘owner’ of their organization / code repository. I was able to Get an upgrade to PRO due to educational status, but that’s because I was a teacher also. I don’t teach High School anymore though.

What you should do is have their robotics/CS/whatever teacher get an account, get a free upgrade on that account and the ‘organization’ account, then get added on as admin. I think that might work.

You can also try to get sponsors for your GitHub expense.

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