Is anyone familiar with WAMP APPS

I am doing a lab for a course and i need some help querying mysql records using PHP.
Here are some of the requirements.
a. Allows a user to register and login to a Game application
b. When registering the user should provide a unique username, password, and 3 security
questions. The password should be at least 8 characters in length and should include at least
one upper case letter, one number and one special character. The three security questions
should be from one of 10 prepared security questions that you design. For example, have them
select from a list of 10 questions and provide their answers to 3 they select.
c. When logging into the Game application, if the username and password are correct, the
application should ask one of the 3 security questions. The question should be randomly
d. Access to the Game is granted if both the username and password are correct and the random
security question was answered correctly.
e. The game shall be a simple mathematical formula in the form of a question from randomly
generated numbers. For example, the game could be as simple as What is 102 * 203? You
should select the formula used and the range of random numbers for each variable.
f. A scoring mechanism should be available that stores the high score of each user. You should
design a points system for scoring the game.
g. The user with the highest score and their score should be displayed on the application after
logging into the system.
h. The application should allow the user to submit the answer and provide feedback as to whether
the answer was correct or not.
i. The user can quit the game at any time.
j. The user can logout of the game application at any time.
k. The application should allow the user to update their username, password and security
questions at any time.
l. The application should allow the user to delete their account at any time.

In a community filled with teachers there’s bound to be someone who can answer your question(s).
However right now there not really a question to be answered, you just copy/pasted your assignment.

What have you got so far in terms of code? Where does it go wrong? What are the errors you’re facing?
With these things you’ll get to the right answers a lot quicker.