Inviting Students

I’ve looked around in my profile area, but is there a specific education.github functionality I can use to invite my students over?
Thanks in advance! :wink:


Hi @ConsoleFriend :grinning: :wave:

It will be really great if could you specifically tell me, for what purpose you want to invite your students. :blush:
For example, invite students to your GitHub Classroom, invite students to an assignment etc!.


Hi @OmalPerera !
Thanks for the quick reply!
I was looking for a simple invite functionality specific for the GitHub Education Community.
Does it exist? Or is it well hidden? :wink:

Hi @ConsoleFriend :grinning:

Actually, you can send this link ( ) link to your student mailing list to invite them. so once they sign in after clicking the link they can be a part of the community.
And if you want to invite your student to github Classroom, I think this video can help you a lot! :raised_hands: :sparkles:


Thanks @OmalPerera !
This will indeed help :wink:

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thank you.