Invitation to Accept Assignment (Module 3), Campus Advisors Classroom

@ericdrosado I can find the Campus Advisors modules on GitHub and fork them, but I received an invitation to “accept assignment” for modules 1 and 2 that I have not received for module 3. How / when should that happen. Beyond posting my own replies in the community, is there anything else that I need to do?

I also don’t see Campus Advisors in my classroom list. Should I? How does the classroom appear to students? Or is it as I see it now (for Campus Advisors) : just a list of repositories for the assignments the students have accepted without an actual Classroom Environment?

:wave: Hi @physcrowley! You shouldn’t have to manually fork for any repositories. All the assignments can be found on a single repository, which you can access by accepting this assignment:

Please let me know if you happen to need additional help.


OK. This repository looks different from the ones that I was accessing when I started the program in August (which only contained one module at a time). I imagine that there has been an overhaul. I like the new icons!


@physcrowley You are welcome to complete the older modules so you don’t have to start over. They exist here: