Introducing easy grade downloading for Classroom!

Hello folks :wave: :dog2:

The Classroom team is excited to bring you the long-awaited ability to download student grades and repository information for Assignments! Each Assignment will now have an option to download a CSV file which will include students’ GitHub alias, roster identifier, individual autograding result, and more.

You can use this new functionality by going to any assignment overview page and then looking for the “Download” dropdown. Here you will find the new option to “Download grades” as well as the new home for the “Download repositories” functionality.

The structure of the CSV is below, inapplicable fields will be left empty:


We hope this will make it even easier to use Classroom autograding and simplify the process of moving your autograding results into your LMS systems :blush:

Feel free to drop any questions or comments below! Docs can be found here.

Enjoy :sparkles:


Hi all,

This isn’t working for me on some assignments, but it works on others. Any tips?

for instance it doesn’t work for this assignment in the classroom but it works on others.

It seems like this only downloads repos from students who have run the autograding action. Is there a way to download the grades for the entire roster, even those who didn’t accept the assignment at all or who accepted the assignment but didn’t do it?

We shipped some bug fixes that hopefully should fix this issue! Let me know if you are still seeing it

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