IntelliJ Idea use with GitHub Classroom

In IntelliJ IDEA community, when I work with the VCS commands, such as “import into Version Control->Share Project on GitHub”, it automatically puts it into my personal account, which is stored in the IntelliJ settings for GitHub. How can I tell it to go to a classroom repository instead of a personal repository?

I wanted to upload some starting code for the students.
I have not tested the same thing from the students perspective, but my guess is that it would also want to put the project they upload into their personal account, instead of their repository in the classroom.

Does anyone else use the IntelliJ IDEA IDE that can tell me how to do this?
I cannot find the answer online anywhere. Thanks in advance,

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Repositories are only created when you create assignments on GitHub Classroom. It’s at this point that you can use starter code from a repository within your organization, or your personal GitHub Account.

For a student to clone their repository, they can select import project from GitHub, fill out the info and pushes and pulls will go to their repository on GitHub Classroom.

I usually don’t find myself using the VCS commands in IntelliJ very often. I use the built in console to do commits, push and pull. I also clone new repos with Git Bash. The only use I get out of it is the merge tool.

I don’t think it’s unreasonable for even beginner programmers to learn the commands, clone, add, commit, push and pull.