Integrate automatic student-to-student peer reviewing in Classroom

(Aslak Bergersen) #1

Hello GitHub Education Community,

At the University of Oslo we have had two courses (1, 2) which over the four last years have used a GitHub organization and created a repository for each student there. We have created automated scripts for setting up this. In addition, we are using it automatically to set up student-to-student peer reviewing of both weekly assignments, but also larger mandatory assignments. Our experience is that the students produce better code, get a more thorough feedback, and learn more and faster from this set-up. An additional bonus is that it scales very well, and reduces the amount of work from the professor and teaching assistants. We called it virtual-classroom, check it out if you want to have a closer look.

My questions are:

  1. Would it be possible to use the same tool/get the same functionality, but in Classroom?
  2. Does anyone have other experiences with student-to-student peer reviewing?

If you have any questions about different ways of structuring review, and more details on the workflow, please do not hesitate to ask!