Integrate a cheating detection for coding assignments

I just obtained a license for using MOSS (
My typical workflow now is:

  • use GitHub Classrom Assistant to download assignments
  • manipulate directories manually or with a script
  • launch with one of the available clients
  • visualize results

Could a tool like MOSS, with related visualization utilities be integrated into GitHub Classroom web interface?

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Here at USC we just use a slightly modified script to extract all the private repos for a given assignment to a local MacBook, run the MOSS perl script on the MacBook and then view the results on MOSS website.

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I have a script that works to pull source files from student projects and organize them in a format that MOSS will take here. I currently haven’t had time to parameterize input to make it language agnostic so right now it just grabs .java files. I can’t speak to the GitHub Classroom roadmap, not my team, but this script works pretty well for getting student submissions to run through MOSS.