Install additional software for autograding?


I am working on a Machine Learning course with Python. Is it possible to install additional software for auto-grading? I would like to convert the jupyter notebooks with assignments to python scripts with “jupyter convert” followed by running “pytest” for some automated testing. Furthermore, we need packages like pytorch, sklearn, pandas, etc.

Any directions?

Hi Sören,

I noticed your post seven months afterwards, so this may not help you, but it may help others who stop-by later…

The basic idea is to first add a test that is “Run command” and in that command pip install pandas.

Here are some more detailed steps:

  1. Create an assignment (in

  2. When you get to “Add autograding tests,” push “Add test” and select “Run command.” Enter “Run command” EXACTLY:

    Test name : Prep - Install Pandas
    Setup command (optional) :
    Run command : sudo -H pip3 install pandas
    Timeout (minutes) : 10
    Points (optional) : 0

Save the test case by pushing the button with that name.

Then, once again push the button: Add test
Select “Run Python,” and this will install pytest and let you call your PyTest scripts.

NOTE: I tried to use “conda,” but was not successful.

Thank you to GitHub Education Team for making it easier for us to use GitHub Actions for autograding!