Importing starter code takes forever


When I share an assignment link to my students, they all have reported that importing takes forever. Basically it got stuck the process in “Importing starter code” like image below:

Has anyone experienced this behavior? Is there a way to solve this issue?

Yes, this happens to me & my classmates on a daily basis, approximately 20-30% of students get this issue on new assignments.
The workaround is to delete the student repo and start the process again

I responded in another thread about this. In my case the repo was set up but the student was not automatically added as an outside collaborator, so they could not access the repo. You (the instructor) can go to the repository’s settings, then “Manage access”, and invite the user manually.

It’s also worth noting that the affected student cannot see that the repository was created, but the instructor can.

Hi @osplusv,

I noticed, that this mostly happens, when the assignment is changed, after some students have already accepted it. Did you maybe make post-changes (e.g. the prefix or similar things)?


Hi @hochleitner,

Not my case, though. I didn’t make any change at all after students accepted.



Yeah, unfortunately we are aware of this issue and are currently working on a fix. It’s not quite ready to be released to everyone yet, but if you do run into a situation that you can’t seem to find a workaround for please ticket into Support and let us know.

We hope to release the ability to re-accept an assignment in the next few weeks.

Not sure if y’all are using source importer or template repos, but it happens much less w/ template repos. Not saying it goes away completely, but we run into issues with the source importer option far more. In addition to that, it was mentioned above, but we have noticed that changes to the assignments seem to sometimes break the process as well and we are hoping that students being able to re-accept will also help with this.

Hopefully this helps a little!


Hi @ohitsmekatie !

It is affecting my assignments now, but that is fine as the critical ones would only start in about 6 weeks’ time. But in the event the fix is not deployed by then, does GitHub have a “backdoor” to fix this?

If yes, I would check in again 1 week or so before the start of the assignment and raise a ticket if it still persists.

Hi All!

We have just launched the fix for this issue and folks accepting assignments will now be given the option to reaccept the assignment when something goes wrong. We aren’t showing the repository loading screen anymore and instead just bypass to assignment creation if all goes well OR assignment re-acceptance if something times out on the back end.

If you run into any issues please feel free to reach out via Support. :smile:

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