I got denied when requesting discount even though I uploaded School ID

(Skiptle) #1

I uploaded School ID and I got denied? Why’s this?
I heard from some classmates I could request discount at GitHub for some nice stuff, it didn’t work for me. What am I missing?

(Pandelis Zembashis) #2

Do you have an .ac or .edu type email address? Normally when you apply with those it’s automatic. You should be able to re apply straight away

(Skiptle) #4

Well, I think we might have one but not sure. I can’t ask anyone for around 8 days though :confused:

(Lori00) #5

Maybe it expired. Happened to me the first time I applied.

(LILLY ) #6

I got denied as well… have u heard anything

(Scott Sanicki) #7


You don’t appear to have completed an application using that account. You can get help at https://github.com/contact.

Remember, having multiple GitHub accounts is a violation of our terms of service. Merge any multiple accounts using these directions: