How to use class roster?

I think it’s great that there is a class roster now to allow me to identify students by their student id.
But I don’t really understand how to use it. Is there a way to download it? Going to the class roster I get a paginated view with 8 or 9 pages with no option to search.
If I look at the assignments page, I don’t see the student ID anywhere.
So how am I supposed to figure out the student ID for a particular assignment submission?


I just realized that from the student perspective, the roaster is equally bad (or maybe worse?).
Once a student logs in, they are presented with a scroll-down of all the IDs, which are not alphabetical and there’s no way to search them. My class is relatively small at 150 students, but this is already a pain. Imagine how this would be with a larger class!


@amueller I appreciate you opening issues. Thank you.

You’ll see new faces in the coming months–we now have 3 engineers working on Classroom. They are getting up to speed on the codebase, and will be improving a lot of the features you’ve brought up.


Awesome! Thanks!

The current workaround is to just let students use their Github IDs, ignore the roster thing entirely, and keep a mapping from Github ID to your internal university ID on the side. I have my students fill out a Google Form to tell me all this, giving a simple spreadsheet. Not perfect, but good enough.

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Thanks, yeah, that’s what I did last year. The workaround is not using the roster :wink:

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Just checking in, because I came here having exactly the same questions as @amueller. So I won’t be using roster in this semester, I’ll wait patiently and hope for the best in the next semester. Thanks for your work on Github Classroom! :wink:

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You can download the roster now as CSV under “manage classroom” -> “roster management”.

Oh yes… but still there is no view to connect student id with his repo and that’s what would be really useful for me. But yes, this actually might be a useful feature to facilitate backing up all student repos from github…

Well you can download the CSV and search for the student id to get the repo name. But a better solution imho would be

I see I will have to separate the individual assignments according to small student groups or I will never be able to make head or tail of all this… :wink:

A solution that I found is simple is:

  1. Export the list of students from my learning management system (Moodle) to a CSV file
  2. Process the file with a small script or simple edition (remove columns, etc.) to leave just one column file with lines following the pattern name-of-the-student-school-identifier separated by hyphens, just like this:
  1. Import the resulting file
  2. Now (April 2020) since the name-and-identifiers appear in the assignment list I can rapidly associate student and identifier

As you see the basic idea is to create an identifier with the name of the student and the school ID and take advantage that GHC shows the identifier