How to shut down a GitHub classroom assignment?


I’m using GitHub classroom for the first time this term. For my first assignment, I enabled the “assignment invitation URL” so that my students could make and clone their own repos. Worked great! Except that I put the link on my assignment webpage, which was public, and now I’ve got a dozen random people worldwide who have forked and cloned my repo. Worse, these people now have a shared private repo with me. Ok, live and learn – I’ll delete those repos.

The problem that I’m having is that I can’t figure out how to stop more people from coming through. On the assignment settings page, I tried unchecking “Enable assignment invitation URL,” but it has no effect; with a test GitHub account, I verified that the link still works and anyone can continue to fork and clone the assignment with me as a co-owner. I thought about deleting the assignment entirely, but GitHub classroom popped up a pretty severe looking message claiming that if I did that, I’d lose all of the repos that my students had in fact created for their assignment.

So, I’m in a bind. I can’t figure out how to shut this thing down without deleting all of my students’ work. Any suggestions?


Dave Musicant
(yeah, I did just sign my name, let the teasing begin)

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Can’s you just delete the classroom assignment (from GitHub Classroom) without deleting the repos from your organization?

Hi @dmusican it seems like we’ve hit a genuine bug here! Would you mind reporting this to the Classroom repo?

Thanks, @ccannon94, will do.

@joelwross: I wanted to try that, but GitHub classroom didn’t give me the option of deleting the assignment without deleting the repos.