How to share private repositories with Teaching Assistants

The title says it all. I have 2 TAs. I’d like to use Github Classroom to share some private workspace (repos) with them. I believe that I could share a repo with them by creating a Team Assignment and forming a “staff” team. But this doesn’t seem very direct. Does Github Classroom provide a way for an instructor to simply create a private repo that is shared with particular people?
Bob Muller

:wave: hi @dogfishbar.

  1. Set up an organization in GitHub.
  2. Give the TAs access as owners of that org.
  3. When you set up a Classroom, you can add a TA. (See screenshot).


  1. Have an excellent semester with your course team.
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Is it possible to do something similar but without adding the TA as an owner of the organization? It seems that an owner could unintentionally delete the entire organization.

Unfortunately, at this time, to have access to all student repositories within an organization, the TA would need to be an owner of the organization.

If you give students admin permissions for a repository, they could theoretically add the TA as a collaborator, which could be an alternative, but would require every student to do this manually and it would not be an ideal situation for a TA.

I see, that is unfortunate, but could suggest a direction for improvement.
Thanks for your answer!

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