How to manage thounsands of students ? PLEASE HELP

Hi everybody,

I am an instruction with thousands of students and recently created a classroom, I 'm very new and confused on how to structure my online courses with the classroom.

I have 27 separate online courses and each have thousands of students.

I noticed I can only create one classroom because I have one organization, dos that mean I would need to create 27 assignments and use each assignment for each of my 27 courses ?

This is my understanding as another new user.

We have one organization for the school, no students are members, just teachers.

  • We create an organization for each class.
  • We fork the school repos into the class organization and add the students as members. Teachers and TAs are owners. Members have no access to class repos.
  • We create assignments from the repos and the students accept them.

I think we might be able create the assignments without forking them into the organization first.
We would like to avoid making the students accept assignments and directly create their repositories.

Hi Edwin,

Here’s my reply to a similar thread:

The takeaway is that Stephen’s suggestion is a correct approach.


Thank you Stephen, I appreciate it. I can see how this makes more sense now!

Hi Sanicki, thanks for your time I appreciate it!

It’s true. It’s very tough manage many students. Probably this platform needs more improvements. I’m trying to lead my class with 40 students, not thousands, and I would like another interface for following the students activity and search topics in yours repositories, etc…
But this classroom is a great idea!