How to make Pull Requests Private?

(Prateek Chanda) #1

Currently when one opens a pull request to a project repository its public and can be seen by anybody.
However this should not be the case when students submit their assignments, they can see other’s solutions too.
How to avoid that?


(Ugo Pattacini) #2

Pull requests opened on private repositories remain private.

Therefore, if you aim to prevent students from copying others’ solutions, then you’d better consider making the assignments private. To do so, you could ask GitHub for an academic discount on your organization.

(Vanessa) #3

@prateekiiest, @pattacini is correct.

To apply for private repositories, follow the directions here:

Let us know if you have additional questions!

(Remi Rampin) #4

I think having student “submit” via pull request is a weird way of doing this. I don’t think it is the intended workflow and that’s why the mechanism will not work for you.

Why not just collect the student’s code from his repository? Is it so you can use the review features?

(Ugo Pattacini) #5

@remram44 actually, the pull request mechanism is at the core of GitHub Education and students should always turn in their solutions by opening a PR. This is the intended behavior.

A useful resource on this:

(Vanessa) #6

Thank you for sharing that tutorial, @pattacini :sparkles:

@prateekiiest pull requests are a pedagogical choice, but we definitely recommend them. Let us know if you have more questions.

(Prateek Chanda) #7

Yeah , that’s something which can surely be done.
Thanks :slight_smile:

(Prateek Chanda) #8

Thanks for the solution.
I checked the Github Student Pack recently.
Thanks :slight_smile:

(Prateek Chanda) #9

Sure @mozzadrella

(Prateek Chanda) #10

Thank you @everyone for your overwhelming response and helping me out !!