How to make links/code in student repos point to their own repo instead the one they cloned from

I’m starting to prepare a class using GitHub classroom. I am looking into connecting to other tools such as and I’d like the students to be able to benefit these tools early in the semester, before they start learning about how they work, setting them up, etc. However, the default setup clones the repository so that links to start binder or to go to the travis-ci build history point to those for my the assignment’s master repo and not the students.

Is there a good way to address this? E.g., could I access a variable that equals the repository name or uril for use within the repo’s
Or is there someway to specify a script that’s run after just the student repo is created that would do some substituions? (Even better, has someone already written such scripts?)


I was able to incorporate Travis CI without any links. I did the required setup at Travis CI which involved telling it about each student repository. The student would then have to check Travis CI manually after each submission. That was it.

This was about a year ago so I do not remember the specifics of the setup but remember that it was not immediately clear and took some exploring.