How to invite multiple students to an org, or add multiple students to a team?

My class has 30+ students. To make them members of my classroom org, I used the web invitation interface 30+ times to invite them, one by one. Is there a way to do this from a list of their GitHub IDs (all with the same permissions)? I tried a few web searches for such a capability, but came up empty. There is a “Bulk adding students” topic from 2016 with some workarounds, but I’m wondering if anything “official” has appeared in the meantime.

Similarly, I’d like to create a “Students” team that includes only the students. To do this, as best as I can tell I have two options:

  • Add them to the team one by one via the web interface;

  • Ask them all to request membership in the Students team, and then approve them afterward. This, too, appears to require one-by-one interaction (for approval of their request).

Is there a way to provide a list of GitHub IDs to create a team?

If there isn’t a way to do this via the Web i/f, is this something I could potentially handle via a Python API?


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I found a partial answer, to my Python API question; this example appears to handle team creation from a list: