How to give Inline Feedback?

I’ve been looking into how to start using Github Classroom to provide inline comments on student’s code. I’ve been reading this article:

However, I don’t understand how to perform this type of feedback on a student’s submitted repository through classroom? It seems the only way to perform this type of feedback is through a pull request review. However, why would I want to do a pull request review on each of the student’s repo? My current solution would be to add an issue for each mistake/syntax error.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish what’s listed in the article above?

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@benjgorman. I don’t know if I understand what you mean. But I object to code reviews on student archives. Simply because we cannot determine when we need to intervene and comment. As we only comment when students submit lessons, on Github, we only comment when students create a pull request into the repository containing the answer.