How to Create Teams in GitHub Classroom?

(Nawfal Ali) #1

Hey folks,
Does anyone know how to create set of teams and assign each team two students? Can we add members (i.e. students) using a script or CSV file?

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(Vanessa) #2

Hi @nawfalaliCode, welcome. Here’s a video tutorial on creating groups in Classroom.

Note: You can set the maximums number of participants per group to 2. You can also re-use the groups for every assignment if you wish (or make a new set of groups.

There are other teachers here who have written scripts to assign teams who might have some insight :eyeglasses:

(Miguel Paz) #3

If I understand correctly: I have 1 repository. I want to use it for a group assignment and assign it to five different team. When I create the group assignment and add this repository as starter code I get a link to send it to the students.
Do I have to create one group assignment for each team and send each team their respective link?

(Vanessa) #4

Hi @miguelpaz :slight_smile:
1.) Great a new group assignment.
2.) Create a new set of teams in the flow pictured below, and set the max number of people in a team

3.) Distribute the Assignment URL to your students (notice it does not yet have a group name in the “slug” of the URL…)

4.) Your students will elect to join an existing team or make a new one: for this assignment I made a new team called “Nicoise Team”

How to control who gets into a team?
(Miguel Paz) #5

Thanks for the details. I prepared a short example for my students. It may
be useful for other teachers as well.

(MiltonLab) #6

Thanks @mozadrella, but can i use always my precreated groups at my organization?
I have problem: not apear in the classroom the groups and students (i created the roster), i have obligatorily send the assigmemnt link throws email. Is it correct?