How to Create Teams in GitHub Classroom?

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Does anyone know how to create set of teams and assign each team two students? Can we add members (i.e. students) using a script or CSV file?

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Hi @nawfalaliCode, welcome. Here’s a video tutorial on creating groups in Classroom.

Note: You can set the maximums number of participants per group to 2. You can also re-use the groups for every assignment if you wish (or make a new set of groups.

There are other teachers here who have written scripts to assign teams who might have some insight :eyeglasses:

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If I understand correctly: I have 1 repository. I want to use it for a group assignment and assign it to five different team. When I create the group assignment and add this repository as starter code I get a link to send it to the students.
Do I have to create one group assignment for each team and send each team their respective link?

Hi @miguelpaz :slight_smile:
1.) Great a new group assignment.
2.) Create a new set of teams in the flow pictured below, and set the max number of people in a team

3.) Distribute the Assignment URL to your students (notice it does not yet have a group name in the “slug” of the URL…)

4.) Your students will elect to join an existing team or make a new one: for this assignment I made a new team called “Nicoise Team”

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Thanks for the details. I prepared a short example for my students. It may
be useful for other teachers as well.


Thanks @mozadrella, but can i use always my precreated groups at my organization?
I have problem: not apear in the classroom the groups and students (i created the roster), i have obligatorily send the assigmemnt link throws email. Is it correct?

This is really helpful: I posted this question elsewhere because I didn’t understand why I would specify the number of teams during group assignment creation, but there was no way to assign students to a team. In example, I want Paul and Betsy to join “Team 1”. If I am reading your instructions correctly, Betsy would need to create “Team 1” upon accepting the assignment, then Paul would need to first see if “Team 1” was created. If it was, he would join it. If Betsy hadn’t yet created Team 1, then Paul could do it and Betsy would join.

Is this right?