How to create a new repository for a team

How do I create a new repository for a team?

With individual assignments, if I delete a repository, then re-visit the classroom link, Classroom creates a new repo.

With a group assignment, if I delete a repository, then re-visit the classroom link, it still refers me to the old repository — which then leads to a 404 error.

In this case, I deleted my repository because I’m trying to start from scratch to reproduce some errors students are running into. However, once I delete the repo, I can’t seem to get Classroom to create a new one.

To be precise, following the link says

Accepting this assignment will give your team, TestTeamP3, access to the project-3-testteamp3 repository in the FooBar organization on GitHub.

But, that repository no longer exists.

Request for the DB to be fixed. No way (last I asked about it) to do this.

If it’s not too late, you can re-create the assignment/group naming from scratch.

For the group assignment you need to go to the github organisation where the deleted repository was located, find the list of teams, in that list find the team you selected when you first accepted the assignment link and remove yourself from that team. You can also delete that team completely since it is probably a team for your own testing purposes. After that you will be able to visit the assignment link again and create a new repository.

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