How to become campus expert?

(Tasha Penwell Hc) #1

What exactly is process for student to become Campus Expert? I have the student doing lab learning but that’s not all there is to it - is it? Thanks!

(Joe Nash) #2

Hey there :wave: to become a GitHub Campus Expert, a student must complete the Campus Experts training. They can apply to join the training at Once they’ve been accepted, they’ll be able to start the training, and upon completion will be invited to become a Campus Expert.


(Tasha Penwell Hc) #3

Thanks! I’ve been having them do the lab in GitHub. Is that the training similar?

Also, is there an option for me as their instructor?

(Amit Singh) #4

Hey Joe,I recently applied for campus expert training program and my application got rejected can u help me with this, i want to know what all are the conditions i must meet so that i can reapply for it successfully

(Nguyễn Đức Chiến) #5

Hi @dkaiamit, You have an email with .edu ? Are you linking it to a Github account ? Github uses .edu email as a testament to your being part of the education system.

(Amit Singh) #6

No I don’t have .edu email but i am already been given student developer pack as for github i am already a student (provided my college id card as a proof)

(Nguyễn Đức Chiến) #7

Hi @dkaiamit. I think you should try contacting the support team ( They will explain in detail and you can also ask your questions.