How to be added to the GitHub Campus Advisors group?

I notice there are three different private groups. I have been a GH Campus Advisor since June 2020 and wondering who is able to add me to the GH Campus Advisor group? Obviously, it is not an automated process when you first join the GH Ed Community, but has the potential to be in the future.

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This is the group in question: GitHub Education Community.

As a GitHub Advisor I’d be interested in joining the group as well :+1:t2:

Maybe we could ask @ericdrosado for info.

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Correct @pattacini.

@arelia @ericdrosado any chance you could add myself and @pattacini please?

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Hi everyone! Correct, there is no automatic add and we have not been making use of the Campus Advisor group here in the Education Community. We are starting work behind the scenes now to streamline and automate more of how we keep track of who is a Campus Advisor. I’ll make sure that we also look into adding all current Campus Advisors to a Community group and possibly automating adding future Campus Advisors to the group as well.


Thanks for that update @arelia

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