How to add new student after class was created?

I have Blackboard so syncing the roster is not an option. I manually added students via a CSV when I created the classroom.

Now I need to add a new student: Where/how do we do that?
The documentation shows an “Update Students” button:

button no there

…but no such button appears on my screen, which looks like this:

So there’s only “Sync with learning management system”, which I can’t do, because Blackboard.

So…how do we add a student?

Oh wow… so… I NEVER actually CONNECTED anything to my LMS (again, because Blackboard). BUT, the mere act of clicking the button to find out about connecting to an LMS made GitHub Classroom think it was connected to an LMS…even though it wasn’t.

Dear GitHub: This is a bug.

The way around this was to “disconnect” (via Settings) from the completely nonexistent LMS that was never connected to begin with.

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