How long does Heroku usually take to verify that you're a student?

I submitted my application to get a free hobby dyno a couple of days ago. However, Heroku still hasn’t validated my request.
I’d appreciate it if someone who has been through the process can let me know how long I’d have to wait.

Could someone please help me out?

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Hi Vivek, have you created an application on Heroku? You should be automatically allocated free dyno hours for all applications.

Hi @questionreality, have Heroku processed your request? :grinning:

Hi @Grayson-Orr,
Heroku still hasn’t processed my request.
They’re displaying this message right now:
“We will now validate your request for a free Hobby Dyno; the wait time can vary depending on the volume of requests we are receiving”

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I applied 3 weeks ago, still not processed.


Update: I contacted Heroku and got approved a few hours later.


I forgot to update over here.
Mine got approved as well

so, how long did you wait?

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