How do you introduce Git in your course?

(Vanessa) #1

Hi teachers :slight_smile: :mortar_board: :metal:

I come across so many very rad git resources, wanted to start collecting them in one place.

Please add to the list if you have a favorite resource.

  • Yes, you can Git by
    Carol Willing, Research Software Engineer, Project Jupyter at Cal Poly SLO
Yes, you can git! from Carol Willing

Github Classroom: plagiarism & cheating detection
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Introducing branches and pull requests: recommendations?
(Luyts Maarten) #2

A good interactive git tutorial:

(Vanessa) #3

@luytsm I’ve been tinkering with this tool and I love it, thank you so much for sharing.

A few screenshots of the visual walkthroughs and exercises to give other folks a sense of how it works: