How do I apply for GitHub Student developer pack without university email

hi there
I can’t apply for GitHub student developer pack because of no official student email provided by my university.
and also I had applied for developer pack 1 year ago using my high school academic documents (which got accepted and I used some apps like Unity3d) but as I’m in a University now so I needed to reverify my academic affiliation using my University documents like (Fee Bill or Student ID Card) which wasn’t working out so I deleted my account and remade it hoping It could be helpful but still It’s saying that I can’t use my account email because it has already been used to obtain an academic discount on GitHub account(s)

anyone knows what do to? I’ve contacted the GitHub support but It’s taking a lot of time for them to reply

:wave: Hi @uzairahmednasir ,

Please contact GitHub Education Support for assistance.

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