How can i approach for hackathon sponsporship to github

Hello Github Team,

We local developers community of Nepal, Frontender Community Nepal and Women Leaders in Technology (WLiT) is organizing hackathon on 30th November would like to ask for sponsporship from Github. How can i approach?

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Hi @Jagatmachines!

Feel free to reach out to us through email,, with additional information about your event.

sure thank u

Hello @michelletracy and Github Education Team,

Since my last email 5 days ago, I haven’t heard from you guys and would like to hear from you guys soon. :slight_smile:

Hi @Jagatmachines,

I apologize for the delay, our team was attending GitHub Universe last week. I have informed our team of your message they should be in contact soon.


thank u very much

Hello @michelletracy and Github Education Team,

I still haven’t heard your team but I’m very positive about it. As 23rd Nov, this saturday we are having group discussion and team formation and on 30th November is our main hackathon. Would like your support for betterment of student development in Nepal.

Hello @michelletracy and Github Education Team,

I was hoping for positive response from your side would be great if any reply i get.
Thank you for your consideration.

Hello @michelletracy and Github Team,

Following up with my previous mail, I still haven’t heard from your team and on September first week we initial tried to reach out to you with our Github Campus Expert Mr Binod Jung Bogati filling up the Get help from GitHub Campus Experts form. Hoping for positive response from your side.