Hi, My name is Katherine!

Hi, I currently Teach 2 children by homeschooling them and I am really excited that I found this because I am really wanting to teach them all about Web Designing and Graphic Arts Designing. I have a 16 year old daughter who is extremely smart and a19 year old who is still working on his schooling but he is just having a harder time learning than my daughter is. I would greatly appreciate one of your kits to help me out with this because I am learning myself at the same time as I am teaching in this field. I am really enjoying learning all this kind of stuff as I teach it because I always wanted to become a Graphic Arts Designer sometime in my life because designing is what I am good at as well as what I enjoy doing. Therefore thank you so much for the opportunity to get free help learning/teaching all of the material that you send me. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity!

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Hey there Katherine. I recently released a revision to skilstak.io and cover some of those topics. I will be adding several more as I port what I had from the old site. Love to hear your feedback. Everything is released under creative commons. I should warn, however, that we focus more on terminal mastery than anything related to graphics arts, but I do have several game tutorials I’m about to port over that employ the Phaser3 framework, which is great for artistic kids that want to get into coding as well.