Hey there colleges

I’m kinda new to github but thought I’d get going with it.
I teach JavaScript and php at Jönköping University in Sweden.
Anyone have a good tip on how to keep track of which student have which username on github?
It struck me that it might be tricky to know who I’m grading. It seems xdddxd is a great coder, as well as 1337queen, but among 75 students, it’s hard to keep track of all these cool names.

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Hi @Magistern, :wave:

Are you using GitHub Classroom or any other way to check assignments.

Sorry for late reply. Yes, I am.

… is there a way in GitHub classroom to keep track of who’s who?

Currently I do this:

  • students fill in a form with their real name and githubid (google form)
  • I download and run a bash script to create teams/repos (https://github.com/cathyatseneca/CourseRepoScripts/blob/master/createrepos)…Note, I’m not good at shell scripting, these are primitive with very little error checking, so use with caution.
  • Repos are named according to the students real names so when I grade, I just filter within my org by typing their name in


  • students who use things like brackets in the form to indicate what they preferred to be called will break the script
  • have to run it before it will generate repos and will need to rerun (some editing needed to remove from csv all the old entries)

I was looking to make this easier though…

Github classroom will automate this creation of repos(so you create an assignment and send link) and you can provide a roster (csv file). When student uses link to create assignment it will let them choose who they are based on the roster you upload. This will then create a repo named assignmentname-studentsgithubid. To see who is who, you can click on the manage classroom button in your classroom then on roster management.

I find this sort of awkward. Is there anyway we can get classroom to append the name on a provided roster instead of githubid? That would make it a lot easier to identify. If there is, please let me know… I can’t seem to find it so I’ll stick to my scripts for now.

Thank you so much for your post. With 85 students, I guess I’ll go with the GitHub classroom roster solution. I don’t want to risk anything :smile:
But thanks for the script, and @Github, please tweak the classroom roster thingy so that repos can be named by the roster names and not the githubid (or both if there is a risk of duplicate repo names).

Ok, I just figured out how to get what I want through github classroom. Instead of making an individual assignment, make group assignment with a maximum of 1 member. Ask the student to name the team with their real name. This will create the repo as “yourassignmentname-teamname”. I just tested it and I think it will work as long as the students fill in the team name correctly.

I guess this can be a workaround until github changes it.

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