Hey there colleges

(Johan Kohlin) #1

I’m kinda new to github but thought I’d get going with it.
I teach JavaScript and php at Jönköping University in Sweden.
Anyone have a good tip on how to keep track of which student have which username on github?
It struck me that it might be tricky to know who I’m grading. It seems xdddxd is a great coder, as well as 1337queen, but among 75 students, it’s hard to keep track of all these cool names.

(Omal Perera) #2

Hi @Magistern, :wave:

Are you using GitHub Classroom or any other way to check assignments.

(Johan Kohlin) #3

Sorry for late reply. Yes, I am.

(Johan Kohlin) #4

… is there a way in GitHub classroom to keep track of who’s who?