Hey, I was wondering if anyone is trying for AWS Student Ambassador Program?

The deadline of AWS Student Ambassador Program ends on April 2. So, Is there anyone who is going to apply? I am going to apply fosure!

I don’t know that they have something like that @Sangya2058

They do and the deadline is on April 2.

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How can i apply for this?

Can We talk in message @Sangya2058
I have aws account and aws EDUCATE account with credits too

Please Tell Me When You Online Constantly for More Than 10 min We will discuss about it in inbox @Sangya2058

Sorry, I was bit busy today! I free tomorrow!

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It’s Okay I am also working on my projects
When you free we discussed about this

Tomorrow, I am free all day! It’s saturday, so tomorrow!

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We will surely discuss
Did you have also amazon educate ACCOUNT

Yeah,I do.

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Then It’s Good We both Can make a good team

Ok, we’ll have a conversation tomorrow then!

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Yeah Good Night :night_with_stars: and Good Morning Too :joy: