Hey! how can i apply for swag?

I m Soham and I am a web-developer, and I do also have background in problem solving skills.
Newbie here!

its great to be a part of this community. I also use Github classroom in my courses as for management skills. i think it would be great to teach students with some swags as it will also make them(13 students) interest in programming and inspire them. how to apply for the swags?

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Hello sohamsj,
Such as you know, The swag is a path of teacher tool box, so that you need to verify your are a teacher at this time, by your email and certificate or anything can let Github team know you is a teacher.
I don’t see a policy like you say after, or you can directly contact by submit this form
See more at: Why wasn't my application for an educator or researcher discount approved? - GitHub Docs

Thnx, i have also been a approve teacher, but i cant get the form for swag.