Helping students to get Student Pack

Hi All,
Can someone please tell me how I can activate student pack for my students ?



You can visit to GitHub education student pack. Just fill the form and submit it. You can put your school email id or college id card photo.


thank you @Ckbhatia . I actually wanted to do it in bulk for my students, so filling the form for hundreds of students will be very painful.

You can apply for teachers.

It is mandatory to fill the form. somehow you can ask your student to fill their own form or make a script which reads your data and fill forms for you.

Curious: What is the problem with having the students do it themselves?

You can refer Below Link and follow step By step process for a pack!!
Good Luck!!

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the link is not working

Link that @Darkerhack posted is the correct one but for some reason it broke when he posted it. Here is a working link:

Hi can you explain how to do that… creata a script that can file details read from a text file to thanks

Hii! I’ve applied for the GitHub Campus Expert. And registered for the GitHub Student Developer Pack. They said i will be getting an email within 5 days after accepting. Till that i didn’t got any email and after checking my Request is Pending. How can I get the Student Developer Pack??

Help Please @joenash

Get Developer Pack;

Click Here for directions.

Basically You need to click that link and follow instructions.

Make sure you need academic proof for this developer pack.

Good Luck.


Is it still pending?

complete the assignments and it is help you

#add you organization or campus/university email and do not add fake mails or details

my requvest is pending,why

do not worry about this. you’re request accept at 8 or 9 days .

you have any question- contact


i applied for github student developer pack i also mail them my all college documents but still no sign of approval