Help regarding Applying for Github Education Pack

Hi! I am pretty much new here.

So here is my story:
This Lockdown got me thinking about what I should learn new in this enormous free time. I was looking for a new hobby. So, one of my friends suggested me to learn coding and gave me some resources. That was enough for me to get started with it. Gotta say, this was one of my best decisions ever. Now, I am kind of addicted to it. Coding makes me feel really good. It gives me feelings that I’ve never felt. Now, I spend most of my time everyday tinkering about various topics of coding.
About 2 months ago, I came to know about the Github Education pack. The amazing range of facilities it provides baffled me. For context, I live in a third world country. I am still a high school student. The only computer in my house is 9 year old PC with Pentium processor that barely runs. It is only usable for lightweight browsing. Though, even the smallest tasks lag to run. And my family’s financial situation is not really good at the moment for it to upgrade. I feel like the Pack is like a need to me advance in coding.

So, lets come to the main topic:
According to Github, I need a valid document from my institution with my name and date provided on it to apply for the Education Pack. But, I don’t have anything like that at the moment. My school didn’t provide one. The only thing I can do now is apply for a attestation paper from my school. But, at the moment that is not possible for me, as there is Lockdown going in my country and all the offices are closed. I don’t think the situation is going to improve soon. Though. I can provide my school ID card’s photo and link to my data stored on school’s easily accessible public database(though there is no data entry of date with it that can be screenshotted).
What should I do now, considering that I need the Pack asap?

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