Hello World! From a CS student,an urgent issue needs to be resolved

Hello Everyone,my name is Piyush Keshari aka insane_banda on Github.

I am a CS student at GLA University,Mathura,India and I love coding <3

For past 3 days I have been learning about matplotlib and pandas from youtube and I tried to implement my knowledge by making a very basic python project,which analyzes data from an api hosted by the Govt of India containing the data of COVID-19 cases in different states of India.

My project is almost complete and is working fine on my local machine and I have hosted it to github pages as well.

But the problem I faced,seems immpossible to me now,to resolve.

I will provide my project’s GithubRepo at the last. If someone has knowledge about Github Actions and jupyter notebooks then please help me,I have wasted quite a long time figuring out by myself.

The problem is that I wrote a python script to convert jupyter notebook to static .html in the root folder it it works fine on my local machine,my jupyter notebook takes data from the api source and analyzes it to display useful information,but github pages cannot host jupyter notebooks so the script converts notebook to index.html file and saves it directly to root directory but I don’t have any idea how to setup github actions workflow to run the script after fixed interval of time and update the static index.html file according to the updated data.

I request if someone can help me resolve this issue then please help,I have exhausted my time and energy in reading and implementing from Github Actions documentations and tutorials,but nothing worked.

So basically I am to asking to write a workflow.yml file aacording to my needs and explain it to me.

If someoone has time then can you please collaborate with me??

Github Repo

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