Hello! I'm excited to be here

I go by Sh00k3ms and am new to the GitHub Education Community. My hope is to better learn coding and DevOps in general.


You are welcome @Shookems :blush: :100:

Sure Bro! you are welcome here. I myself am new to this community. I hope this would provide enough to quench the thirst of learning more and more.


Hello Everyone :smile::grin::wave:t2::wave:t2:
I’m Bennaceur Hichem, I am 19 years old young student at the School of Computer Engineering in my country, Algiers, Algeria. I am passionate about programming and
computer science . I focus on the acquisition of new skills related
to computer science, especially Mobile developement , the
realization of workshops and training sessions for beginners in
programming, and have a positive impact on my society:star_struck::star_struck:.

I feel motivated in this wondeful community,

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by DP it seems to be a girl :wink:

@Shookems welcome :grinning:

Congrats to everyone