Hello, how am I?

Hey I have a question about the GitHub Education Community…is it user friendly? I hope so because it is the only thing that matters to a 59 year old man who has an imagination to create and a brain that is not the same as it was just 45 years ago. I want to be a difference in the world and I have a good idea that the realm of Android and iOS and GoogleLLC, apk, https ,UI, RAM, bit, kil, mega, giga and terra…etc,etc, google ,again is the only way to make that difference in our wonderful and beautifully ever expanding, ever advancing world. People must put down the fear that fuels the greed and selfishness that is DECEIT. The more I think about numbers the less likely I will keep other’s in mind with peace in my heart. I’m eager to learn. 2019-05-02T07:00:00Z