Handling Artifacts (jars, archetypes)

(Stephen Cerruti) #1

We offer classes both on-site and off-site. We are looking at moving to maven based repositories so that we can simplify management of our dependencies, but we are stuck at how to manage our jars and archetypes so they are available off site.

Putting together an AWS or Google Cloud server for a simple artifact repository is daunting and not cost effective. I need a solution that I can turn on and the school can live with if I’m hit with a bus. Is there a partner in the education program that offers this service, maybe Travis CI?

Hopefully I’m missing something obvious so please don’t hesitate to point out the obvious solution I’ve just missed (like using github pages to serve repositories via the web).


(Joey Freund) #2

I highly recommend https://jitpack.io/

(I’m using it in my course for storing and serving our custom helper library)

(Samuel Lijin) #3

You could also use GitHub Releases for dependencies. Here’s how Git for Windows uses them.

(Stephen Cerruti) #4

Unless I’m missing something, jitpack.io is cost prohibitive for private
repositories, which is, unfortunately a requirement for my school.

(Stephen Cerruti) #5

I was actually looking at using the maven GitHub site plugin to do
something very similar, but the one release location per artifact doesn’t
scale well in my opinion.

Having a single maven repository for all required dependencies is a soft