Hack Club & GitHub Providing $50K to Teenage Makers

Hey everyone!

You might want to check this out: https://github.blog/2020-05-28-introducing-hack-clubs-summer-of-making/

It’s super awesome and I’ve put a lot of effort into organising it. Feel free to reach out to me with summer@sampoder.com!




Congratulation on working in this great initiative @sampoder :rocket:

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Mam could you please explain, on what kind of topics we would be working?
Can we choose our own topics?
If yes then what are the available topics.
As I want to learn about AI and robots

Hey! You can work on any topic remotely related to Science, Technology, Engineering or Math! AI and robotics fall under those so go for it!

  • Sam

Is it still going on

Sorry, it’s ended but you are still more then welcome to join Hack Club and see other cool things on there!

I check out all night Can’t get my head up in anything…
Please You are more than welcome if You provide me any link to Line up with you
Computer Science Engineer
Hacker Community Inc

https://hackclub.com, first result on google :wink: