GUI desktop clients

Dear all, my students not use much CLI commands then incitially: what GUI client for git/github you recommend to use in classroom if i use Linux as Operating System.

Kindly let them download Gitbash if they are windows users.This will enable them execute linux commands on windows

here you are.

I recently tried most of the popular ones when I set up a new desktop running Ubuntu.

I would say Gitkraken is the best option overall. It is free for non commercial use. A close second would be SmartGit. Although both of these git clients may take a little getting used to for complete beginners, they are not hard to learn once you get a hang of Git’s features and limitations.

Although, I should mention that private repositories administered through GitHub classroom may be tricky to set up in Gitkraken. I haven’t tried that with SmartGit, so I can’t comment on that.

GitKraken as a GUI: cross-platform, good features, free for your students if used for non-commercial reasons.

However: change their habbits and teach them the CLI. There really aren that many commands to learn & you get the full power of git. If they need to use a VM later or log in to a server, … they’ll still be able to use git.

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GitKraken is great for general Git use, but if you are teching a programming langugage using an IDE, I would recommend checking to see if there is an integrated Git tool. This way, they do not have to break their workflow just to commit and push. Most IDEs like Eclipse, QTCreator, NetBeans, VisualStudio, etc. have some sort of integration available

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