Grading students' assignments and pushing feedback

Is there a script (or other recommendation) for pulling all students’ repos for the class?

Then, after I grade each program, how I can I automatically push all of my feedback/grades back to all of the repos?

I’m looking to automate the pulling and pushing of students’ repos for the class, but I’ll manually grade the assignments.

Aaron Titus

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The mass_clone set of scripts seems to work well (so far).

Any other recommendations?

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Hi @atitus, I wrote a primitive script to handle pushing to all repositories in this repository. It’s very much a work in progress, but it works well for my class.

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Thanks @ccannon94. I haven’t tried the scripts yet, but I immediately noticed how useful will be. That’s a function I’ve hoped for.

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Like some others, I’ve written a quick and dirty script to clone all of the repos out of a Classroom org, which lives at .