"GitRuler" A tool for easily teaching and assessing git skills

About this time last year I had the idea for a tool that would automate the assessment of git skills, and could also be used to help students learn those skills.

Have used this with a lot of success in the past year I’m now trying to “launch” it because I think other teachers would benefit. I hope people don’t mind me creating a new post to promote it!

I’ve created a page that explains the tool and how it can be used, including a video: https://rcraggs.github.io/gitruler-home/ I really think that it would be useful for others and I’m very happy to answer questions about it.


@rcraggs Thanks for sharing this! This is a fantastic tool.

I love the idea of allowing students to discover the commands on their own as opposed to just telling them.

I will definitely be diving into this more thoroughly in the future.

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Thanks @ericdrosado. I’ve discovered that it is quite easy to integrate this with TravisCI so that you can see in your commit history when you successfully completed the exercise. For example you can see in this commit history how the penultimate commit didn’t complete the exercise but the latest one did - https://github.com/rcraggs/gitruler-exerise-CI-example/commits/master

You can then dig into the Travis build log to see the output: https://travis-ci.org/rcraggs/gitruler-exerise-CI-example/builds/525118228

It just requires this in the .travis.yml file:

language: java

  - wget -q https://github.com/rcraggs/gitruler/releases/latest/download/gitruler.jar

  - java -jar ./gitruler.jar

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This looks great! I’ve been wanting to make some automated exercises like this for a while. I first started learning NodeJS with NodeSchool, which is a very similar type of learning. One thing I wanted to incorporate was working directly with GitHub as well. Have you hear about GitHub Learning Lab? The feedback is done as comments on PRs and creating new issues. I think this would be a great fit for your lessons. https://lab.github.com/

If you’re interested in having some help working on this, I’d really like to help. Like I said, I’ve wanted to make something like this but was lacking the lesson plans themselves.


Hi @chadfawcett - that’s an interesting resource. I’ll have a think about if and how issues can support the workflow for this. Possibly if not all of the tests pass in a CI build, it creates an issue in the repo with the results.