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Hello-can anyone explain this in I have connected a classroom with Github and cannot run therepo. I do not understand what the below statement means.
Thanks so much

‘run’ isn’t configured in the .replit file
try adding ‘run = “echo hello word”’ to .replit

When you set up an assignment to work with, GitHub Classroom will automatically create a .replit file when students create the assignment. While setting up the assignment, there’s a place to set what clicking the run button in will do, as well as what language it will be set to. This can also be done manually. Here’s an example of my .replit file:

language = “python3”
run = “python3”

Thanks for your reply but I am not sure of your response. The language is already set to java. Below is a shot of what I see. Zero clue as to what I would put. Does the picture help? Thanks

Create a file in your repo and call it “.replit”. In that file have 2 lines:

language = "java"
run = "javac; java YourFile"

where you replace YourFIle with the name of your java file you want to compile and run.

I know I am a pain but zero clue as to how these function together. If you could send an example It would be really helpful so I can see the file structure. Thai sis what I am getting now.

Wow-thank you. Mine looks nothing like that even through I have connected GitHub. I am trying to run it solely from the browser. Thank you

I add two files in the root directory in order to open GitHub repos successfully in They are called .replit and and they look like this: .

.replit file

run = ‘sh’ file

cd ‘Concentration’/src //Concentration is folder name
*javac .java
java PlayGame //PlayGame is the Java class containing the main method

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