Github Swag Request


I am a first year student, pursuing my under graduate program from Lovely Professional University, Punjab. I am an active member of Developers Student Community, Google and Microsoft Student Partner Community. I have a comprehensive innovation and coding background, my emphasis is on development, creativity and life skills. I love to contribute to open source and take sessions on git and github pages. I love to educate people who are new to these fields, specially the freshman. I have written a no. of blogs on github hosting and pull request.

I am planning to host a series of webinars for the students on computer science domain. I would be highly grateful if you could supply me with some swags for approximately 150 people, so that i could distribute it to them as a token of completion and motivation.

I would be highly grateful if you could send me the swag kits and stickers to dispatch it to them after the webinar.


Prakhar Saxena,


Lovely Professional University, India.

Hi @prakhar-09 :wave: It’s great that you’re planning webinars and that you’d like to share swag with students.

The swag bag includes GitHub educational materials like Git cheat sheets, GitHub Flow guides, and GitHub Flavored Markdown guides – plus motivators including Octocat stickers.

Because you are a student, you must ask a teacher to make the request.

To qualify, the teacher must be a GitHub Education member. To apply, they can click the Get Benefits button at They will be asked to demonstrate current academic employment.

Once approved, your teacher can find the link to request swag in the GitHub Teacher Toolbox.