GitHub swag bag for your classroom

Good afternoon.

I would like to know the process to apply for the “GitHub swag bag for your classroom” for my students, rather … would like more information.

Github Swag Bag

Joel A. Jaime

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Hi Joel,

To qualify, you’ll need to have been approved for an individual teacher or classroom organization discount. Apply here.

Then please introduce yourself to the GitHub Education Community at

Finally, contact us to request a swag bag. Include the following info:

  • How many students you teach (So we know the appropriate quantity of material to send)
  • Your mailing address at the school (So we can ensure the package gets to you)



Hi, I have long had applied the discount and I got in my community :slight_smile:

Only missing contact with you, but I think by this route is more than enough

How many Students: 15 Maximum
Your Mailing Address: My address is in the Dominican Republic and mail in this country is not very efficient, it could be a P.O. BOX I have in Miami?

Hi Joel,

Please make the swag bag request using so we can track it. As you can imagine, we’re pretty overwhelmed with requests right now.


Perfect, I applied as 2 hours or so ago, so I keep abreast anything.

Many thanks. :smile:

Chipping in real quick, I applied yesterday early evening and got an email around 2am with t-shirt promo codes and confirmation that my swag bag was under way soon. Pretty efficient! My students will be ecstatic about the goodies and the study material! Awesome idea.

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Just received it at school. The box was fubar but the content was safe. And what a content! I have reviewed the swag box contents and it’s just perfect. Small cheat sheets perfect for beginners, the large ones fitted for a wall, the comic, the stickers, the poster, awesome. Thank you very much for that, my new students will LOVE it. Old ones were already asking for the cheat sheets for their start up (they use school grounds for early project phase).

Thank you GitHub team!


The students and staff loved the swag!!! Check it out.


Is the swag bag shipped to classrooms around the world? We are in South Africa.

Hi Stephen,

Yes. The offer is currently open to validated teachers anywhere in the world.


Thanks, that’s great news!


Hi ! I didn’t receive any answer to my request for my students.


Hi Antoine,

I see no record of any request from you using GitHub Education - GitHub Support. Please make sure you’ve followed the steps listed here:


I made a new request this morning ;), thanks for your help.

No news yet @sanicki :confused:

Hi Antoine,

I replied to your email the day you sent it. You appear to have registered with us as a student. As I explained, students are ineligible and you will need to reapply for a teacher discount with proof of academic employment. Please respond to my email rather than here.


Hi GitHUB Edu!

Submitted a request for a classroom swag bag. Have my students requesting educational accounts on Wednesday for another year with GitHub!

We have 27 students in our post graduate Interactive Multimedia Program.


Hi Everyone! How long are the currently received swag bag T-shirt gift codes valid? The reserves of the gift shop seem to be pretty depleted. (Few kinds of shirts compared to last year and size M is almost sold out). Is there a plan for refill? And how long can we wait with the gift codes?
Thanks and Many Nice Pull Requests for everyone!

Hi Sanicki
Yesterday I filled the contact us form for swag pack can you let me know . How much time it will take for the request to process?

Hi @sanicki
Had an introduce myself to GitHub Education Community and then made a request for students swag bag through would like to know any timeframe to get a response.

Do you send the bags to India also?