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Hi Everyone!

I’m Carol Smith, the Education Partnership Manager at GitHub. I manage the partnerships for our Student Developer Pack. I’ve been in the technology industry for about 12 years. :information_desk_person: I’ve been interested in education outreach for the last 7 years :smile:

I also ride horses :horse: and bikes :bike: and live in the Bay Area in California. I have a degree in :camera: photojournalism.

We hope your students all have the Student Developer Pack, but if not, please encourage them to sign up for the pack now. :desktop:

We are also always looking for new partners for the pack. If you have ideas for interesting developer technologies that you are using or your students are using that might be a good fit for the pack, please let me know! You can also always have folks reach out to us at if they’d like to talk to us. :telephone: :e-mail:

Please let me know if you have questions! We’d love to hear from you about what cool apps and tools you’re using or your students are interested in :heart: :purple_heart: :green_heart:


We hope your students all have the Student Developer Pack, but if not, please encourage them to sign up for the pack now. :desktop:

Quick note: We are whitelisting school domains as quickly as we can. If you’re aware of an issue with school email domains dedicated to your students then please let us know at

It’s important that we be able to distinguish between email addresses used by students only, and those provided to alumni. The former may be whitelisted, while the latter would require supplementary proof of current student status. We have also had to blacklist some school domains where we suspect widespread attempts at fraud.

While we sort it out, if your students are being erroneously rejected then please suggest they select I do not have a school-issued email address and upload supplementary photo proof of current enrollment (like a student ID.) These requests take longer for us to review but are a good fallback.

I got the pack but how do I use the features that come with it? I tried to login to dnsimple with my GitHub details, but no luck.

How do I use the features?

When you were approved you were sent an email entitled “Powerup get!” The email simply lets you know you can access the Pack offers here when logged into your GitHub account:

Some of our partner offers are single-use and non-renewable.

If you have questions or issues with an offer, please contact the partner directly for assistance.

You may wish to include any relevant links or screenshots when you contact them.


Hey @sanicki , I’m wondering whether the 1 year (for example) subscriptions for services start the moment my Github student pack is approved, or when I create an account on their site? For example, Canva has a free 1 year pro subscription included in the pack, but I had never used it before. Will my pro benefits start when I start using the service?
Also, when I renew the pack, will such subscriptions also be renewed? How will i know which ones are renewable and which ones aren’t?
I just applied and couldn’t find much documentation on these protocols. If you could direct me to some terms and conditions thatd be great!

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