GitHub Student Developer Pack Unverified Application

As Living In India And Studying In College And Having Computer Science Engineering Is too Hard as we have to code all day check our source code every time before deploying but sometime with thousands of line of code it is miserable to do that task with unlicensed software
Thanks to GitHub Education For GSP that has contains all the latest technologies to survived in the latest IT industry .
But sometime our application is not verified because either we have not a student .edu mail or due to documents.
but in most cases GitHub allow to get the pack by providing our academics documents.But in my case i provide all documents still my application is pending as i mentioned above we students do not have .edu mail i do not have a mail too but i applied with my gmail
reply here if your application is pending too
@mozzadrella :smile: can you please have a look at this
Request @Officialhackercommunity

:wave: Hi @Officialhackercommunity! We apologize for the wait. We are experiencing longer wait times than usual. Our team is working quickly to review applications in a timely fashion. We thank you for your patience.


after 2 months my application is rejected please help me