GitHub Student Developer Pack Response

Its been 1 month and 3 days still my request is pending and every time they reply with the same message I understand that you get so many request but i don’t think so that my request take that much time its 35 days no reply from githubeducation please help @mozzadrella
@ericdrosado response here below


@Officialhackercommunity Thank you for your patience during this difficult time. We realize that you may require the virtual resources provided by GitHub Education now more than ever. We are doing our best to respond to your request, and appreciate your understanding that it may take us a little more time than usual.

Our verification team will contact you once they have reviewed your application.


@ericdrosado you replied the same as before … i understand and even remember these lines. but i hope my request reviewed soon hope a better health for you all… stay home stay safe

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Any follow-up on this post would be appreciated.

I guess we could manage to setup an Automated work flow to ensure a better communication and attributable resources for basics requirements in the parallel workflow that we could easily build.

This is kind of the right time to do this also, this would not be considered as a royalty compliment to GitHub but circling around the idea, should be a must have right now.

We need to keep in Mind that GitHub is still the Gold mine for Open-Source resources sharing and maybe the biggest coding community with active contributor, I guess GitHub can certainly manage to work his responding time effectiveness using theses singular and simple steps, keeping in mind that GitHub should represent the idealist images of the perfect Software engineer shadow.

All that said, on a friendly intonation, with my respect to you of course, just a proposal of something that be achieved with an ease but also that is available mostly everywhere.

Hi GitHub, it’s time to show what is Innovations, stop hiding in the dead angle haha.

Best Regards, Armand Brunelle.